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Academic Information

Academic Activities

Presently the institute is training 90 students in 9th batch, 100 students in 10th batch and 110 students from 11th batch. The academic activities have been started in the session of 2010-2011. Academic activities are scheduled as per BNMC such as Theoretical, Clinical classes, Laboratory work etc. Our 1st to 5th batch students have already completed their course and got license from BNMC and all are serving successfully in different Govt. non Govt. reputed hospitals.

Study Plan New curriculum:

Duration of Training

There should be a minimum period of three years of education and six months of Internship. A student must pass the prescribed prerequisite course (s), if any, to be able to study in specific higher level course. At the end of the program, the student is required to appear in the BNMC comprehensive examination for certification and licensing as a registered nurse.

Admission of Students:

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be eligible to enter to the program.
1. Candidate must appear in Admission Test for Govt. Nursing Colleges & Institutions and those who will pass in the admission test only they will be eligible for admission in privet Nursing Colleges & Institutions.
2. Bangladeshi citizenship
3. GPA > S.S.C 2.50 & H.S.C > 3.00
4. Marital Status: Single
5. Medical certificate indicates healthy and physical fitness


In each semester a student will be evaluated at the institutional level using a grading system. Grade A+,A, A-,B+, B and F is assigned to reflect student’s academic achievement with the following descriptions and weights.

Grade Description Weight
A+ Excellent (80.00-100%) 4
A Very Good (75%-79.99%) 3.75
A- Good (70%-74.99%) 3.50
B+ Fair (65%-69.99%) 3.25
B Satisfactory (60%-64.99%) 3
F Fail Less than 60% 0

Institute Library

Ibn Sina Nursing Institute’s Library is enriched with Text Books; Reference Books & Journals are also there. There are International Journals as well. On the 15th floor of the Academic building is dedicated for the Library. There are separate reading spaces for students & Teachers.

Extra Academic Activities

Ibn Sina Nursing Institute observes her raising day, birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale and National Days. We observe cultural week of the Institute through the participation of all teachers and students.

Academic Hospital of the Institute:

Ibn Sina medical College hospital and Ibn Sina Trust run hospitals total 1050 bedded which are using for training purpose for nursing students

Specialized Hospital:

A highly specialized 500 bedded single unit/double unit hospital has been constructed in the Ibn Sina Medical College campus. It has all the advanced modern equipments- Laboratory, Radiology, Radiotherapy, ICU, OT, Cardiovascular surgery & Organ transplant facilities.

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